感知天津英文网:Students from Tianjin university volunteer to combat COVID-19


Graduate students Guo Shilong, Wang Nan, and Li Enhui from Tianjin Normal University have returned to their hometowns to volunteer to assist community workers and medical staff in the fight against COVID-19, after new epidemics broke out in Shijiazhuang and Xingtai, Hebei province.


Li Enhui in protective suit.

In Shijiazhuang city, Li Enhui was one of the hospital volunteers who donned a protective suit on Jan 12. They all received training on how to register the information of residents before they receive their nucleic acid tests, so that the local CDC can trace those who are positive.

Li said: "What impressed me the most was a freight driver who was under home quarantine. His family lived on the 7th floor and there was no elevator. When we climbed to the 5th floor, the goggles and mask were all blurred by the fog, making the already heavy protective clothing even more stuffy, and making it hard to climb the stairs. There were more than 20 similar home tests that day. When we took off the protective clothing, we discovered that our hair was wet and the clothes on our body were soaked with sweat."


Wang Nan helps residents in a community to take nucleic acid tests.

In Xingtai city, Wang Nan's main job was to assist more than 3,000 residents in a community to take nucleic acid tests as soon as possible. The task was more difficult because most of the residents were retired elderly people, living alone.

Wang got up before dawn, helped maintain order and explained the process to the residents as they waited in the queue. She also went to homes to register the information of those who were physically unable to go out. With help of volunteers such as Wang, the tests were completed within a day and a half.

She said in an interview: “At present, everyone’s lives are basically unaffected. I am very grateful to the front-line medical workers who helped protect us. I also want to help my hometown using my love and best efforts. I firmly believe that our country will win a final victory in this fight against the epidemic. After the epidemic is over, I will surely go to Qingdao to see the vast sea there."


Guo Shilong and other volunteers.

On January 6, Shijiazhuang began to conduct nucleic acid testing on all residents. Community workers and volunteers had to knock on the doors of each household to confirm the information and health status of the people living there.

Guo Shilong and other volunteers twice conducted interviews from house to house to ensure that all residents had undergone nucleic acid testing. With the efforts of volunteers and medical staff, thousands of residents in each building successfully completed the investigation in one day.

He said: "Fighting the epidemic is something that requires the participation of all people. Only by unity can the spread of the epidemic be stopped as soon as possible and everyone can return to normal life as soon as possible.”

来源:2021年1月22日 感知天津英文网



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